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I have received many gracious and wonderful comments from people for whom I've drawn portraits as well as other people who've seen the portraits. Here are a few I've received in writing on thankyou cards or in letters.

"Holly, Thanks so much for the beautiful artwork!
We can't wait to frame & hang it!"
-Diane M.

"Wow! I thought it was a photo it's so good! But it's better than a photo!"
-Jennifer, December, 2001

"Absolutely Fab. Love It. You Really caught the moment. Thanks so much."
-Greg M., April, 2002

"Holly! What a beautiful drawing of your Mom! As you have surely guessed, I am greatly pleased to have it, and that has several dimensions: for one thing, it is just plain wonderful to have a good drawing of your Mom; for another, it is an absolute joy to see what good work you are doing; and for another, it makes me realize anew what a delightfully talented woman you are!"
-Noreen G., January, 2002

"Thanks for the portrait of Monica. Would you believe that I have no picture of her? This fills an important gap in our lives."
-Tin & Betsy D., January, 2002

Email me with your questions & comments!

Hollyj@hollygraphicart.com Portraits by Holly
252 Riddle Pond Road, West Topsham, Vermont 05086 USA
(802) 439-6462 M-Th 11a-4p Eastern Time

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