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This drawing was commissioned by a gentleman as a Christmas gift for a friend. It is of the famous slave ship the Amistad with the light house in the background. I had never done a ship, a lighthouse or a landscape so it was a new challenge and I thank him for the opportunity and his confidence. Drawing the sky, sea and detailed rigging was very different than anything I had drawn so far. Happily I was able to complete the drawing in time for the holidays. (Thank you to Walter, Will and Ben for keeping Hope (18 months) entertained!) It is a beautiful ship and I even learned a bit of history in the process.

Size: 9"x11"
Framing: Matted
Date: 12/20/2004
Price: $135

Hollyj@hollygraphicart.com Portraits by Holly
252 Riddle Pond Road, West Topsham, Vermont 05086 USA
(802) 439-6462 M-Th 11a-4p Eastern Time

  Amistad Ship

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