Process 4. Sending Your Photos

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You can send your photos to me by uploading them here on the website or by sending prints in the postal mail. The advantage of sending them electronically is both speed and, more importantly, that you keep the originals.

If you can't scan your photos and must send them, ideally send copies and not originals. I will make every effort to return any prints when I finish the portrait but, I can't take responsibility for original photos. Also, when sending photos, be sure to package them carefully in a padded envelope with a sheet of plain paper between each photo and cardboard on either side. This will help to protect the photos.

To be sure that your print photos get matched up with your order, please enclose a printed copy of your order confirmation, which you receive after placing your order online. Or, simply print out the order form and fill it out.

If you are sending your photos electronically, you'll be able to upload after you submit your order and at any later time. My web site will create a special page, just for you, which you can access. Here you'll be able to check your order status, upload additional photos, etc.

The one thing I do ask is that if you are sending photos electronically, please use the website. Please do not email them to me. The reason is that I use a purely text based email program. It does not handle attachments. Also, attachments are much larger than if the same file is transmitted as a normal upload.

eMail me if you have questions! -Holly

Hollyj@hollygraphicart.com Portraits by Holly
252 Riddle Pond Road, West Topsham, Vermont 05086 USA
(802) 439-6462 M-Th 11a-4p Eastern Time


Six Easy Steps to a Beautiful Portrait...

Scanning Photos

Tips on sending photos:

  1. The best way to send photos is electronically on the web site.
  2. You can upload additional photos later
  3. If you mail photos, consider sending them UPS Letter or put them into a small box and send them as a package. (This can actually be less expensive then a UPS air letter.) UPS packages are insured and they offer package tracking on the web at http://www.ups.com/tracking/tracking.html FedEx letter is another good option with insurance coverage and tracking. Use whichever is less expensive for you. We have good experience with both of these carriers. Do not use US Air Born. We have not had good luck with them.
  4. If you send it through the US Post Office use certified return receipt. They do a better job of tracking return receipt items.
  5. Please do not send originals, negatives or slides if possible.
  6. Prints should be properly packaged to protect them in transit.

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