Process 6. Receiving Your Portrait!

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When your portrait is complete, it will ship via UPS, double boxed for extra protection. You will also recieve the free portrait mug. I will email you with the UPS tracking number. This number will allow you to track the package via the UPS web page. In the email, you will also recieve the location, on the web, of your digital copy of the image. You will be able to pick up the image with your web browser and save it to your hard drive. Please note: I do have a limited amount of space available on the web server, so please download your digital portrait with in 30 days. I will keep a copy on my computer. At any time, you can order additional transfers on mugs, t-shirts, puzzles, etc.

When you receive your portrait, carefully unbox it. If it is just matted, it will be in a protective plastic shrink wrap. You can leave that on or remove it and your portrait is ready to hang.

I hope that you get years of enjoyment from your portrait. Please be sure to tell all of your friends! Word of mouth referrals from happy customers are my best advertising!

Cheers! -Holly

Hollyj@hollygraphicart.com Portraits by Holly
252 Riddle Pond Road, West Topsham, Vermont 05086 USA
(802) 439-6462 M-Th 11a-4p Eastern Time


Six Easy Steps to a Beautiful Portrait...

Hanging Portraits

Tips on hanging and maintaining your portrait...

  1. If your portrait is only matted, then I have put a protective shrink wrap of plastic on it to protect it. If you like, you can leave the shrink wrap on to protect your portrait from dust, dirt, fingerprints and moisture.
  2. If your portrait is framed then I put a paper backing on the back side of the frame. This helps to keep dust out of the frame and away from the portrait and thus affording it better protection.
  3. Avoid hanging portraits in direct sunlight, if possible, as sunlight can affect the portrait and papers.
  4. If possible, avoid hanging the portrait in smokey places, such as over a fireplace, as this can age the artwork, mat and frame.
  5. Avoid water or overly damp places as this can cause mildew or discoloration.
  6. If you want to order more portraits on mugs, shirts, puzzles, etc you can easily do so from your personal page on my web site. Just follow the directions in your order completion email or go to the order status page and go from there to your personal page (you'll just need to log on there.) If you ever need help on that, just call or email me.

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