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Double matting is a technique where two mats, with contrasting colors, are cut with slightly different sized openings. This allows you to see a small amount of the inner color mat as well as a larger amount of the outer mat. This creates a very elegant contrast and accent for the portrait. The photo here shows a basic wooden frame with a wide light grey mat and then a thin brown mat. Both mats have a white core which is seen on the bevel cut. As you can see, this gives a very pleasing effect. The double mat shown here is the first double mat I ever did. It is an original cartoon which had been given to my grandmother by the artist. In this case, I chose a brown inner mat to complement the ink and old paper of the illustration.

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Double Mat

Framing: Single mat on foamcore is free with portrait.
Style Standard Large Super
Portrait Price $100 $150 $200
Double Mat $10 $15 $20
Wood Frames -- Basic $29 $34 $44
Appalachian $59 $64 $88
Modern $56 $60 $80
Sierra $54 $58 $75
Country $44 $48 $65
Metal Frames -- Nielsen $34 $38 $46
Glazing      Framing includes plexiglass glazing.
Regular Glass $10 $15 $25
ArtGlass $20 $35 $45
Typical Size      Exact dimensions may vary.
Sheet Size 9"x11" 11"x14" 20"x26"
Mat Outside 12"x14" 14"x17" 23"x29"
Approx. Frame Outside Varies with style.
Exact frame styles, profiles, colors and mat colors may vary some what from what is shown in these pictures due to availability and the limits of color display on the computer and web and subject to change. If you need something specific, let me know.

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