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Unless otherwise specified I use a very nice buff / eggshell colored matting for portraits. But, if you would prefer, I can use any one of a variety of other colors to mat your portrait. Depending on the size of the portrait you order the mat width will be 1" to 3" around the edges. Note that the colors shown on your monitor may not be exact due to the nature of web colors and different computer displays. If you need more exact colors, I can send you mat board samples by postal mail when you order.

If you would like, for a small extra cost, I can double mat your portrait. This is a very elegant option. Just choose two mat colors and specify which you would like as the top, wider, mat. Generally, using the lighter color for the wide outer mat and the darker color for the thin inner mat, works best. (See the double matting page for sample photo.

Note that mats can have a different core color. Because the mat's inner edge is cut at an angle, this reveals the core color as well as the mat color which gives a very pleasing effect. When doing a double mat I normally use two mats have the same core color to give the best results. For portraits in graphite with only shades of black, white and grey, mats in the grey or white spectrum tend to be most striking.

eMail me if you have questions! -Holly

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Matt Colors

Framing: Single mat on foamcore is free with portrait.
Style Standard Large Super
Portrait Price $100 $150 $200
Double Mat $10 $15 $20
Wood Frames -- Basic $29 $34 $44
Appalachian $59 $64 $88
Modern $56 $60 $80
Sierra $54 $58 $75
Country $44 $48 $65
Metal Frames -- Nielsen $34 $38 $46
Glazing      Framing includes plexiglass glazing.
Regular Glass $10 $15 $25
ArtGlass $20 $35 $45
Typical Size      Exact dimensions may vary.
Sheet Size 9"x11" 11"x14" 20"x26"
Mat Outside 12"x14" 14"x17" 23"x29"
Approx. Frame Outside Varies with style.
Exact frame styles, profiles, colors and mat colors may vary some what from what is shown in these pictures due to availability and the limits of color display on the computer and web and subject to change. If you need something specific, let me know.

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